Parent Facilitation

What is Parenting Facilitation?

Parent Facilitation is a child-focused alternative dispute resolution offered to co-parents that are either about to go through divorce/separation, are going through divorce/separation or have already divorced/separated.

The goal of Parent Facilitation is to offer professional assistance to co-parents who need help learning to work together in order to keep their children from being exposed to parental conflict.  It is also the goal to avoid chronic litigation, help parents comply with court orders, educate parents about their children's needs, reduce misunderstandings, resolve disputes and teach parents new and more effective ways to communicate.

The Parent Facilitator may do this by reviewing written evaluations and reports, and talking with other significant individuals involved with the family (doctors, therapists, school personnel, daycares, lawyers, etc.) The Parent Facilitator will meet with the parents individually, jointly, and communicate by fax and email. Home visits may be made to both parents homes at the discretion of the Parent Facilitator. Parent Facilitation is NOT a confidential process, therefore, the Parent Facilitator can write status reports to the court as needed and defined in the order, testify in court and be contacted by other professionals, and may be present during hearings. The Parent Facilitator may make recommendations to the parents.

It is important to note that the Parent Facilitator is a NEUTRAL third party. Their foremost goal is to reduce conflict. Parent Facilitation involves skills that are therapeutic but it is not therapy.

How do I begin the process of Parenting Facilitation?

  • Parenting facilitation intake forms
  • A signed copy of the advisement form with initials on each page
  • A copy of the court order
  • $500.00 retainer from each parent mailed to the 8553 N. Beach St #189, Keller, TX 76244.

Please mail, scan, or fax these forms to us. Once all the forms are fully completed and on file by both parents and the deposits have been paid, an initial appointment letter will be sent to the parents to schedule the initial appointment. Because of the nature of high conflict families, it is important for us to maintain a written paper trail so phone calls will not be returned. If you have questions, please send questions in e-mail.

Costs and Payment

The rate for parenting facilitation services is $100 per hour rounded up to the nearest 15 minute increment. This includes all services of the parenting facilitator including reviewing documentation, deliberation and issuance of decisions when parents are unable to resolve issues themselves, meetings, correspondences, phone contact, email, court time, legal expenses, and consultation with other family service providers.